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Creating a Persona

My favorite sport to play and watch is football. I love the intense thrill of trying to beat the other team. I have always enjoyed playing football and trying to be as good as i can. when i was younger i was one of the better players on my team. I saw myself as leader on the field. I was captain of my local side and also represented my county at underage where we had great success wining competitions.

Today as i am older i would like to help younger kids enjoy sports and just play with a smile on their face just like me when i was their age. The main reason i enrolled in a sports course was so i could find employment in teaching kids and see them enjoy themselves. As a coach i would see myself as the same as i see myself in everyday life as honest, caring hardworking, motivated and determined to be successful in life.


Another Disappointing Season !

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It is the same story every year for Arsenal fans. Every year starts with hype and this year is the year we will win the league and go far in the champions league but as normal by the start of march it all goes pear shaped and they are left chasing 4th spot and out of every other major tournament because they have a stubborn manager and a side that lacks a real leader on the pitch. Its time the manager leaves and some players get off there big high horse and play for the club and the fans instead of there high salaries and posh lifestyles !!

Making Connections with Content

We’re pulling together content across several different parts of digital media, including, Flickr, LinkedIn and WordPress blogs. The goal is to create a sort of web ring that connections content across real people in the Sports Management programme at the Limerick Institute of Technology.

This sort of complex workflow can be daunting so I need a plan.